Friday, 4 December 2015

Lay Bet - Sedgefield

Today we have our first lay bet in December, as part of my Advent Season free months trial.

As a rule of thumb i only recommend laying at odds 5.0 on Betfair as if we were laying at the higher range of odds example 11.0 this shall take 10 bets to accumulate our losing one bet !

The capital bank i recommend for this is £1,000 for staking level of £10 per lay bet. This bank
shall cover any losses that may occur and protect the level of staking. We treat all of bets in our
portfolio as a business.

I shall be recording all bets to a level minimum Betfair stake of £2 which would be a capital bank
of £200.

Today's Lay Bet

Sedgefield 3.30

Moonshine Ridge

Ground factor, is the key for this final race on the card, who is far short in the betting, and the ground shall be cut up and heavy, and the selection may struggle in the ground.

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