Thursday, 31 December 2015

Lay Bet - Uttoxeter 1:20

The Lay Bet is running off 105 and never ran his race in Heavy conditions prefers good ground, never ridden by today's jockey Mr Baker claiming 7 which shall offload the mark a little, is the
Racing Post favorite, but has been plenty of support for some of his rivals, and now seems to be on
the drift.

Uttoxeter 1:20

Vicky's Charm

Lay no larger than 5.0 on the exchanges

Good Luck

Best Wishes For 2016


Handicap Bet - Lingfield 3:30

Winner yesterday at 4/1 so we move onto 29 divide by 4 =£7.25 on each of the selections.

Lingfield  3:30

Al's Memory
Justice First
Toga Tiger

Good Luck
And Best Wishes For 2016


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Lay Bet - Lingfield 2:10

The Lay selection is still improving but the class 3 is still a little high with the rating of 84 and the drop down to 6f may be a negative as time came 2nd over 7f only just beaten.

Lingfield  2:10

Air Of York

Lay no higher than 5.0 exchanges.

Good luck


Handicap Bet - Wolverhampton 4:10

Winner at 9/2 yesterday, now at +2.38 profit, i have reset another two points to the aim to cover the non day's racing over the festive period, as the sole aim is £1 per day rollover covering the one main
handicap race of the day, with 4 selections covered, working at the ratio 4/1 odds.

The aim today is 28 divide by 4 =£7 on each of the selections.

Wolverhampton  4:10

Give Us A Belle
Summer Isles
Your Gifted

Good Luck


Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Doncaster 3:25

Once again no luck with yesterday's selections, now standing at -11.18
Aim now 36 divide by 4 = £9 stake on each selection.

Doncaster  3:25

Master Rajeem
Red Admirable 
Wild Bill
Ziga Boy

Good Luck


Monday, 28 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Lingfield 12:05

Best we could manage yesterday was 3rd at 20/1.
Today we move onto 18 divide by 4 = £4.50 per selection.

Lingfield  12:05

Black Truffle
Great Expectations 
Polar Kite
Showtime Blues

Good Luck


Sunday, 27 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Kempton 2:35

No luck with yesterday's selections, so today the aim is 9 divide by 4 = £2.25 per selection.

Kempton  2:35

Ned Stark
Sands Cove

Good Luck


Saturday, 26 December 2015

Lay Bet - Fontwell 12:20

The lay bet is the following, short favourite against two supported in the betting Searching and Fitzwilliam.

Fontwell  12:20

Mr Caffrey

Best Wishes


Handicap Bet - Huntingdon 1:50

Seasons Greetings hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day, most of all enjoy today's mass
of sporting action Boxing Day Racing.

Our last sole Handicap race on the 23rd  won at 4/1 so we move onto a profit of £19.88
the aim today is 4 divide by 4 = £1 on each of the selections.

Huntingdon  1:50

Hope's Wishes
Parc Des Princess
Polo Springs

Non runner no bet

Best Wishes


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Lay Bet - Southwell 2:00

I would rather be a layer than backing this short priced Currently 15/8 favourite today, when you have the likes of main dangers Busy Street and Ledbury

Southwell  2:00

Brave Richard

Good Luck


Handicap Bet - Southwell 1:30

Well would you believe it ! Finally we have a result going our way in the stewards room with a winner at 7/1 yesterday.

We are now at 18.88 profit so our aim today is set at 4 divide by 4 = £1 on each of the selections.

Southwell  1:30

Air Of York
Dubai Hills
Ian's Memory
Twin Appeal

Best wishes


Monday, 21 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Wolverhampton 5:40

What can i say about yesterday's selections first past the post by a head at 10/1 only to lose the
race in the stewards room ! We had the winner but short odds of 6/4.

Today the aim is 183 divide by 4 = £45.75 per selection.

Wolverhampton  5:40

Assault On Rome
Black Dave
Lucky Di

Best wishes


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Lingfield 2:00

Well it was just typical, of our run at the moment when finally we had a winner at 7/1 but only
to dead heat for 1st place !

Today the aim is 132 divide by 4 = £33 per selection.

Lingfield  2:00

Alshan Fajer
Black Minstrel 
Classic Mission
Comedy House

Best wishes


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Lay Bet - Ascot 1:15

Our lay bet is on the drift, and could need the race, rather lay than back today.

Ascot 1:15

Blue Fashion

Good luck


Handicap Race - Ascot 3:35

Yet another second yesterday, it's now a losing run of nine out of the last 10 !

Today we have moved onto 131 divide by 4 = £32.75 on each selection.

Ascot  3.:35

Jolly's Cracked It
Vicenzo Mio

Best Wishes


Friday, 18 December 2015

Market Mover - 80/20 Bet - Southwell 12:00

One significant market mover today.

Southwell  12:00

Rock Montjeu

Stake 80% Place and 20% Win

Good Luck


Handicap Bet - Wolverhampton 5:40

Must admit it's a dreadful woeful run of only one winning race out of the last 9.
Plenty of near misses but they don't count.

Today's stake is £104 divide by 4 = £26 on each of the following selections.

Wolverhampton 5:40

Anonymous John
Basil Berry
Chookie Royale
Go Far

Good Luck


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Chelmsford 6:10

No luck again yesterday, so our aim moves onto £52 divide by 4 = £13 on each of the selections.

Chelmsford 6:10

Flying Fantasy
Star Of The Stage
Venus Grace

Best Wishes


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Newbury 12:40

The last two days we have had the 2nd and 3rd in our main handicap selections of the day.

We now are staking £6.50 on each selection total £26

Newbury 12:40

Delgany Demon
Gentleman Jon
Minella On Line
Whats Left

Non runner no bet.

Good luck


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Lay Bet - Catterick 12:45

Today i fancy laying this short priced favourite as you are all aware by now, i don't advise laying above 5.0 = 4/1 on the exchanges.

Catterick  12:45


Lay bet,

My reasoning behind this 85 rated flat horse, who won his maiden at Catterick in August 2014.
First outing may need the experience, his last race was October 15th, and i believe he would prefer better going, he is more than talented to become a hurdler, but at the current price of 2.24.
I would rather lay then back.

Especially with the likes of recent hurdling debuts of Cosmic Statesman and Kisumu who both
finished 2nd and 3rd at Wetherby November 15th and won't mind the going, both shall have come
on a bundle and be much fitter and wiser against the Favourite.

Good Luck


Handicap Bet - Kempton 2:40

No winner with yesterday's handicap selections.
Today is day 15 and our Aim is now 13 divide by 4 =£3.25 per selection.

Kempton 2:40

Burning Thread
Desert Strike
Royal Birth

Non runner no bet.

Good luck


Monday, 14 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Ffos Las 1:35

Yesterday we struck luck finally ! with what the Dr ordered in Pineau De Re @7/1

Today our aim is £6 so divide by 4 = £1.50 on each of the selections.

Ffos Las 1:35

Fishing Bridge
Looks Like Power
Saint John Henry

Non runner no bet.
As you are all aware by now the overall impact on rollover staking can be aggressive as we reached
a losing run of 6 out of the last 8, which in this time we had 4 on the bounce resulting in staking £20
on each selection yesterday. Hence the capital bank 300-500.

Best Wishes


Sunday, 13 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Carlisle 2:10

No luck with yesterday's selections.

Stakes are now £20 per selection total £80 after losing 6 out of the last 8 with the two day's winners
at 7/2 and 5/1.

Carlisle 2:10

Donna's Diamond
Isaacstown Lad
Island Heights
Pineau De Re

Good Luck


Saturday, 12 December 2015

80/20 Bet - Lingfield 1:05

We were successful with yesterday's bet coming in 2nd at 15/2

Today's selection

Lingfield  1:05

Justice Well

Advised 80% Place and 20% Win.

Best Wishes


Lay Bet - Doncaster 12:55

We had two successful Lay bets yesterday.

Today's selection drops down in grade which shall help but has not won off current rating 131 he
clearly stands out on form, but worth taking on.

Doncaster  12:55

Atlantic Gold

Lay no larger than our recommended advice 5.0

Best Wishes


Handicap Bet - Cheltenham 1:50

Another losing day with our sole Handicap race, with the aim now onto £40 so we divide by 4 and we
shall be staking £10 on each of the following selections. Let's hope we strike gold today, it's a wide
open race, and have spent several hours to secure the best opportunity as the main Handicap bet, here's that my time was well spent.

Cheltenham  1:50

Tenor Nivernais
Turn Over Sivola

Best Wishes


Friday, 11 December 2015

Lay Bet - Wolverhampton - 17:40

We have another lay bet for today.

Wolverhampton  17:40

Walk Like A Giant

Lay at no larger than recommended 5.0

Best Wishes


80/20 Bet - Cheltenham 1:45

Should be some value to be had here with our 80% Place and 20% Win.

Cheltenham  1:45

Wonderful Charm

Advised odds no less than 7/1 recommended.

Best wishes


Lay Bet - Cheltenham 12:00

 Lay bet expected

Cheltenham  12.00

Fletchers Flyer

Lay no more than 5.0

Best Wishes


Handicap Bet - Doncaster 1:55

Out of look yesterday, so this leaves us - £10.12 to SP results after Day 10.
The stakes rise rapidly  if we have a winners at 3/1- 5/1 bracket, hence the capital bank recommendation.
Not everyone likes increasing stakes after losing, over long term this does work.
That's why only use small stakes with the aim/target being £1 per Day, and only increase when you have doubled your original bank, with a choice of replacing the bank into your account, and start
again at £1. Until you are staking with the profits accumulated over time.

Today our aim/target is at £20 so divide by four, and we are staking £5 on each selection.

Doncaster  1:55

Desert Joe
Orange Nassau

Non runner no bet.

Best wishes


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Taunton 1:40

We move on with today's sole main Handicap race of the day, stake £2.50 on each selection
total stake £10.

Taunton  1:40

Back By Midnight
Pay Your Way
Sword Of The Lord

Non runner no bet.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Kempton 7:10

We collected with yesterday's Handicap race of the day, at the odds of  5/1 
Please check with for the bookmakers guaranteed best odds, as to maximize potential gains.

Profit rollover stands at +£4.88 after deducting all of our previous accumulative stakes and losses, after eight day's pinpointing the main sole Handicap bet of the day, with a strike rate of 50%.
With winners at 7/1 - 7/1 - 7/2 - 5/1

Today's The Sole Handicap Race

Kempton 7:10

Choral Festival
Gaelic Silver
Top Diktat

Non runner no bet.    Total stake on each selection £1.25 Total stake £5

Best Wishes


Lay Bet - Kempton 5:10

At Kempton 5:10 Khor Al Udaid has been drifting quite rapidly, which seems to be no confidence
behind the John Gosden runner, over this distance of 1 Mile for 2 year old maiden's.

The opposition overall is strong with the likes of another newcomer Short Distance from the
Saeed Bin Suroor stable, favorable support within the market, and  Cape Banjo, Towerlands Park,
who both have had a benefit of valuable race experience.

Lay Bet

Kempton 5:10

Khor Al Udaid 

Lay at odds no larger than 5.0

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Southwell 1:00

The beauty of selecting four horses against the field, it's not that long until a winner comes along, like
yesterday @7/2.   Our total stake today is £8 divide by four and we shall be placing £2 on each of the
selections to win.

Today's Handicap Bet

Southwell 1:00

Cardinal Sin
Excelling Oscar
Indomitable Spirit
It's All A Game

Best Wishes


Monday, 7 December 2015

Market Mover - 80/20 Bet - Lingfield 1:30

We may have a Market Mover bet today.

It's the Jamie Osborne Trained and ridden by Timmy Murphy, currently around 7/2.
Shall be all the better from his debut at Wolverhampton, and the distance of a mile shall benefit,
and i currently advise a 80/20 bet at current odds as value against the favourite.

Lingfield  1:30

Every Chance      

Stake 80% for a place and 20% for a win at 7/2 or bigger.
No bet if the 7/2 is no longer available.

Best Wishes


Handicap Bet - Chelmsford 3:40

All we could manage yesterday within our selections were 2nd and 3rd.
Our rollover accumulative is now at £7 after the last two losses, but standing overall level due to last weeks two winners both returning starting price @7/1 those that managed to locate best odds guaranteed shall be in profit.

We are bound to have losses, it's nature of the sport, but long term is the key, and the protection of
the capital bank size, that's why i recommend starting at a manageable level of staking of £1 per race.
Always paper trade first, so you can see and watch the progress unfold.

Today's total stake is £7 so divide by four and we shall be placing £1.75 on all of the selections.

Chelmsford 3:40

Bint Dandy
Field Of Dream
Volunteer Point

If a non runner no bet.

Best wishes


Sunday, 6 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Sunday - Kelso 3:15

No luck with yesterday's sole Handicap race, so we move on with staking 0.75 on each of the selections for the 3:15 at Kelso.

Oscar O'Scar
Wee Jock Elliot

Non runner no bet, advised.
Its Day 6 of running the free trial, and by now, you can see the understanding and reasoning behind
the one main Sole Handicap Race of the Day, any questions please do not hesitate to email me

Best wishes


Saturday, 5 December 2015

Lay Bet - Wolverhampton - 5:45

Sorry for the delay but we have also one lay bet of the day in the first race at Wolverhampton 5:45
It's far short enough within my prices to follow up.

Wolverhampton 5:45

Street Force

Lay no larger than 4.0 if it drifts which is unlikely.

Best wishes


Saturday - Market Mover - Aintree 3:20

One Market Mover worth noting, at Aintree 3:20 trained by Sue.Smith ridden by Sean.Quinlin
testing ground in his favour and well handicapped, over the last couple of days the price has decreased from 40/1 now currently 12/1.

Regarding staking i would advise 80/20  which equals to 80% on the place market and 20% to win.
I would only recommend if the selection decreases to around 10/1 within the market as a bet.

Aintree 3:20


Handicap Bet - Chepstow - 2:00

Great Result yesterday with  a winner @7/1 which reached our ultimate aim/target so we are +4pts
after the first four days in December, for our sole Handicap bet of the day.
Some of you may of being able, to gain advantage of a best odds guaranteed like myself @10/1 which increases profits further long term, so do look around it's worth taking up.

But for transparency i declare all returns to Starting Price.

Today's Selections: Chepstow  2:00

Garde Fou
Moorlands Mist
Ocean Venture

Staking 0.25 on each selection Total £1

Friday, 4 December 2015

Lay Bet - Sedgefield

Today we have our first lay bet in December, as part of my Advent Season free months trial.

As a rule of thumb i only recommend laying at odds 5.0 on Betfair as if we were laying at the higher range of odds example 11.0 this shall take 10 bets to accumulate our losing one bet !

The capital bank i recommend for this is £1,000 for staking level of £10 per lay bet. This bank
shall cover any losses that may occur and protect the level of staking. We treat all of bets in our
portfolio as a business.

I shall be recording all bets to a level minimum Betfair stake of £2 which would be a capital bank
of £200.

Today's Lay Bet

Sedgefield 3.30

Moonshine Ridge

Ground factor, is the key for this final race on the card, who is far short in the betting, and the ground shall be cut up and heavy, and the selection may struggle in the ground.

Handicap Bet Sandown 1.30

No luck with yesterday's selections today we are staking 0.75 on each of the selections.

Sandown 1.30

De Faoithesdream
Morgan's Bay
Noche De Reyes
Vision Des Champs     

If a non runner re-place with Artifice Sivola

Total outlay stake £3

Best wishes


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Handicap Bet Kempton 4.05

Good afternoon, Our December freebie continues this Advent season.

Yesterday our sole Handicap race i focused on Won @7/1 as previously stated more than often the
selections get well backed, as was the case yesterday, i do advise best odds guaranteed bookmakers.
I declare all returns on any investments to SP returns, this shall provide all with a sound foundation.
Looking back yesterday's selections all were placed and the Tricast dividend was £150.89 !

Today's selections: Kempton 4.05

Gracious George
West Leake
What A Dandy

As our aim/target cycle has been reached we commence again with 0.25 on each selection.

Best wishes


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Handicap Lingfield 1.30

No luck yesterday at all with our selections best we did was 3rd 16/1.

Today's another day and the rollover stands at £3 so we divide that by 4 and we shall be staking a total amount of 0.75 on each of the four selections.

Lingfield 1.30  Non Runner no bet

Daisy Boy
Fit The Bill
Silver Quay

Best wishes

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December 2015 Month Trial

Well it's December and i shall be posting all my racing insights until the end of the month, this shall
include my backing, laying, 80/20, and roll over handicap staking, and a added feature, market movers.

All bets shall be recommended to a 1 point staking

Just the one race to play today it's our one Handicap race per day with the aim of £1 per race, we stake accordingly if all were priced up at 4/1. The recommended bank of £300 should protect any
losing run that shall occur, but the beauty with this selection process of 4 against the field, it's not
long before the next winners pops in, and any winner keeps the stake rolling, it's not my favourite
method of staking but is proven over long term so stick to it, and you shall see by the end of the month the outcome ?

Today's Handicap is at Wolverhampton 2.10

Buckland Beau
The Gay Cavalier
Mary Le Bow

Any non runners no bet  stake 0.25 on each selection total stake £1

Sunday, 29 November 2015

2.10 Fairyhouse - Handicap

Our main Handicap race for today is at Fairyhouse in the 2.10 race.

The following selections are.
Beckwith Star
Coolaghknock Glebe
Lisclogher Lad
Vote Of Confidence

If a non runner no bet advised, if staking to a continuous rollover aim of £10 after yesterday's
winner returning at 5/1 you shall be staking £3.75 on each selection to recoup the 5 units from
yesterday, total stake £15.
Currently standing at £5 profit.

If backing to single win on each selection £1 total stake £4, after yesterday's winner at 5/1
currently standing with 2 units profit.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saturday Bet - 80/20 - Newcastle

Just the one 80/20 bet at Newcastle 2.05 it's the Nicky Henderson Runner Top Notch.

Should be all the better from his recent run at Haydock, and Nicky overall does well when sending
runners north to Newcastle.

£8  Place and £2 Win  Total Stake  £10

Just To Re-Cap Clarity

Regarding the handicap selections, and staking plan, take note chasing losses is not the perfect route
to gain a profit, its not my first choice for staking, but can be used correctly to the size of your capital, and don't be over greedy, lower your stakes. why not paper trade first and see how it works,
find the most comfortably level for staking.

I shall also be running alongside the selections to win singles on each, which can reap rewards long term, i advise a capital bank of £100 staking at 1% level, this covers all angles and takes away all
emotions form betting  mentality and physical.

Best Of Luck Today.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Newbury Handicap Saturday 1-15

As mentioned yesterday i shall be concentrating and focusing on one main Handicap race on Saturday.  This shall be the 1-15 at Newbury Sir Peter O'Sullevan Handicap Chase Class 3
over 2m and 6 furlongs.

My selections are based on the criteria - Trainer Form - Jockey Form - Speed Ratings - Course Form
Going - Distance - Statistics Form Data.

Regarding staking, example our aim shall be to accumulate overall a profit of £10 every Saturday and
any losses shall be recouped and rolled over to the following week.

In general i advise to stake as all of our selections are based at 4/1 and shall be backing four against
the field.

So we shall be staking a total of £10 which is 4 X £2.50 on each selection.
As a recurrence factor our selections are backed, due to the volume of Saturday racing, but i shall use
SP returns on all bets, but generally advise to use best odds guaranteed bookmakers.
Recommended bank  £750 which shall protect and encounter long term results.

You may wish to back them all as win singles, which can also over the long term pay dividends.

On many occasions i have found as a rule of thumb highlighting one of the selections pre-race as
a back and lay trade.

Most Importantly here are the selections.

Midnight Prayer

If any one of these is a non runner replace with, more than one non runner no bet advised.

Friday Bet - Wolverhampton - 80/20

After yesterday's briefing blog regarding Cool As Ice in the 6.45 at Wolverhampton.

We recommend a 80/20 bet example 80% of your stake on the place market with Betfair and 20%
of your stake upon the win market, this covers all angles and safe guards your capital bank.

With these bets i advise staking at 5% of your capital bank example bank of £200 as we shall not be
overloading with multiple bets daily it's based over long term capital success.

£8 Place Cool As Ice   £2 Win Cool As Ice

I shall record all results at SP returns for the benefit of all for live preview of results.

Best Wishes


Review -  Cool As Ice ran with choke out, and a  little rusty in hindsight after 300 days off track
no excuses as reported been working well at home, may be next time.

Running Total

Bank                              £200                                              Staking  80/20  5%    80% Place  20% Win

Cool As Ice  - £10           £190

Yorkshire Businesses

Advertise your brand with us to increase awareness, maximize revenue, popularity, offering customer
support, satisfaction and value. Hotels - Restaurants - Spa Salons.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Around 60% of all races run in Britain each year are Handicaps, these are the races where the
Handicappers try to give each horse an equal chance of winning by allocating them different weights.

From this Saturday I shall be sharing with you all, my one main Handicap race that i shall focus on.