Friday, 11 December 2015

Handicap Bet - Doncaster 1:55

Out of look yesterday, so this leaves us - £10.12 to SP results after Day 10.
The stakes rise rapidly  if we have a winners at 3/1- 5/1 bracket, hence the capital bank recommendation.
Not everyone likes increasing stakes after losing, over long term this does work.
That's why only use small stakes with the aim/target being £1 per Day, and only increase when you have doubled your original bank, with a choice of replacing the bank into your account, and start
again at £1. Until you are staking with the profits accumulated over time.

Today our aim/target is at £20 so divide by four, and we are staking £5 on each selection.

Doncaster  1:55

Desert Joe
Orange Nassau

Non runner no bet.

Best wishes


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