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Feedback - Results - December 2015

               Happy New Year Everyone Let's All Have A Healthy And Prosperous 2016

During the month of December i placed into action three plans to generate income longterm.

                                            The Sole Handicap Race Of The Day

The aim was to gain an overall profit of £1 per day, covering 4 selections in each sole race of the day,
staking as all selections were priced at 4/1 and divided by 4, and losses for the day rolled over to the
next. This is not a favourite way of staking as can be aggressive, hence the need of a large capital bank, of £500. Overall this shall work if you can provide consistent winners, with no losing runs
that shall wipe out all of your capital. All depends on the price of your winning selections, but as rule
of thumb you do not want any further than a losing run of 6 days. It's not the strike rate that's important it's finding the winner at bigger prices that's where the windfall lies with this plan.

We had a loosing run of 5 and a winning run of 4 with our highest winning odds being 7/1 on 5 occasions, we ended the month with a minus - £55.62 Which would be carried over to the next month, until the set amount target is reached then back to the original £1 divide by 4.

                                         Market Movers 80/20% Principle Staking

The aim of this plan was to pinch any value within the market of backed movers, staking the 80/20%
which is 80% on the place and 20% on the win.
With only four selections within December, and one of those not matching the odds shortening was a
non runner.
December 5th  Mwaleshi Was backed then drifted out so our price 10/1 - 12/1 was not matched. 14/1sp No Bet Void.
December 7th  Everychance  Was backed early doors then drifted out 9/2 came in 4th just missed out on the place return. And yes Won his next race at 5/4.
December 11th  Wonderful Charm Was the selection advised no less than 7/1 came in 2nd 15/2sp place returned at 1/1.
December 18th  Rock Montjeu Was the selection came in 4th just missing out for the place 3/1sp.

Total Minus - £14  to £10 staked 80/20%.

                                                                 Lay Bets

The aim of this plan was to find likely favourites or well fancied horses to lay at no larger than 5.0
on the exchanges 5.0 = 4/1.  This was set at 5.0 as if laying higher example 11.0 =10/1 and we lose
this shall take 10 next lay best to recoup our loss, so my personal recommendation is lower odds are more better manged of course this shall overall mean less selections. It's all about profit at the end of the day, and finding those horses that shall match the criteria that the majority of layers overlook.
We had a total of 12 selections and 11 matching 5.0 with two winning and nine losers.

December 4th    Moonshine Ridge                 11/4        +9.95
December 5th    Strike Force                            9/4       -12.55        
December 9th    Khor Al Udaid   Void Price not matched at 5.0 ended up at over 13 early was at 5.5.
December 11th  Fletcher's Flyer                       3/1         -2.60
December 11th  Walk Like A Giant                 9/4        +7.35
December 12th  Atlantic Gold                          2/1      +17.30
December 15th  Berland                                 11/10      +6.30
December 19th  Blue Fashion                           5/2      +16.25
December 22nd Brave Richard                         5/2      +26.20
December 26th  Mr Caffrey                              9/4      +36.15
December 30th  Air Of York                            7/2      +46.10
December 31st  Vicky's Charm                        4/1      +56.05

Total Profit        +£56.05

I hope this has provided some light upon all of the selections and the main principle of staking and
the three plans in place, any questions on any of the above would be welcome.

What's in store for 2016 more trading on the exchanges backing laying mastering the perfection.

Best Wishes


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