Sunday, 15 November 2015

                      Introduction - Simon Long Racing

My first ever memories into the world of the Sport of Kings.

Was when i was a young child my parents used to take me to our local racecourse York, i used to sit on the outer perimeter fence at the 3 furlong marker.

Waiting with great anticipation for the horses to approach from the
distance, they flashed past so fast, with the jockey's whip in full flow motion, urging there mounts, 
and shouting to fellow jockey's as they started to make a move for a serious challenging position.
With the horses hooves making the turf divots fly up into the air, those were the good old day's with
jockey's L.Piggott, J.Mercer, F.Durr. It certainly was in my blood from then on.

Both of my Grandfather's and Father had a keen interest and over the following years ahead, i learned
so much from them regarding betting and placing of bets.
I remember doing odd jobs and saving my paper round money, so that i could have a flutter, i recall
asking kindly the owner of our local betting shop "Please can i have 50p each way on Detroit for the
Prix De L'Arc Triomphe 1980" as that weekend i was going to visit my Grandfather in Birkenhead,  
and i told him Grandad i have a betting slip with the winner of the Arc !

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